Thursday, October 8, 2015

NEW VIDEO: Torrio Jetson - Die'n 2 Live ft Samira

Activist and hip-hop lyricist, Torrio Jetson is one of Chicago's intelligent young artist to watch out for in the music scene. He's been on his grind for such a long time, putting his soul and heart into each rhyme he spits. He releases dope track “Die'n To Live” ft Samira off upcoming release “Tye Parrish.” The theme will have one thinking if you are truly making the most out of your being, or if you're weak minded, not trying to grow mentally. Torrio Jetson tackles issues about inequality, poverty, family, as well knowing the importance of your history which can all be seen in this visual. He tries to awaken your mind with his dynamic lyrics and delivery. This might just be the MC we've been waiting for to revive hip-hop. Social Media: @TorrioJetson

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