Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#Back2TheFutureDay @KoshaDillz "Give Back to The Future" Prod by Nate Greenberg


Many years ago we all thought to ourselves what life would be like in the future. We experienced kissing, high school sports, science, history, life and even death. When this movie came out, I was just a baby thinking of all things I would want. AS I have grown up into a man, I realize that you have the most in your future when you give back.
I have never been more excited to release a hip hop song, being that I don't think anyone has made anything like it and I am very proud to have the ability to say that.
I don't usually send emails out about just one song, but in a situation like this, you only get one chance. Please share it in any of your posts about the past, the future, the movie, or anything else you may think of today.
Big thanks to Adam Swig and Mike Machinist of Shinobi Ninja for helping me with recording the song, and Nate Greenberg for the production! Of course big shout to Huey Lewis and the News and the Power of Love for an amazing sample.
Kosha Dillz 

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