Tuesday, September 15, 2015

World Domination KODT Title Match: Pat Stay vs Immaculate (Full Battle Video)

Okay so here is the World Domination KOTD Title Match, an epic rap battle between the current title holder Pat Stay and legendary battle rapper Illmaculate. So I am gonna just start off like this…..Pat Stay's 1st Verse, that first verse, that whole shit, is probably the funniest battle rap verse I ever seen for sure. Absolutely friggin destroyed Mac, destroyed him with that size and not being a man thing and I figured Pat was gonna be going hard like that the whole time. Immaculate though is a great freestyler and was able to flip it up in the second round and address some things due to that strength. He spent a lot of time going straight at Pat, which from my past knowledge* of battle rapping, is exactly what your suppose to do. (*even though Im talking Scribble Jam era, 30 seconds and random beat). I give the second verse to Mac, the 3rd verse….. well your gonna have to watch the whole video to see how that turned out.. 

Signed C. Palmer Jr

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