Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Immortal Technique Pens Facebook Post in Memory of and Respect to Pumpkinhead #RIP

Taken from Immortal Technique's Facebook... 

Rest in Power. Robert Diaz. Pumpkinhead. PH.
I remember when I first met my old friend Robert Diaz. He was in front of SOBS, after just having performed at the Tunnel, he was in a jovial and victorious mood. By that time Pumpkinhead as I would come to know him and then later PH, was one of the most prominent battlers in the game. This was even before the youtube era, SMACK, Grindtime, etc. I guess it feels like we were old boxers, like those guys who wore tape on their hands and fought for 108 rounds and then did a shift at the steel mill the next day. He was one of those guys who would just freestyle in the street for hours, 20 round battles, of merciless bars, and he always had a box of CD’s hustling. He was one of the first people besides Breez Evahflowin who really encouraged me and accepted into that elite club of people with the skill to show and prove in the street, not just on stage. They both really pushed the idea of independent music to me. I appreciate those lessons now more than ever. We broke many a night roaming around NYC from after a show/battle until the break of dawn, laughing about stolen rent money, and how I always wore the same Army jacket for years. We hit the Puerto Rican Day parade together, we found ourselves at the West 4th Diner. Its hard for me to even write this… I could go on for hours.

Those of you who know me and Pumpkinhead, know that we actually never battled, we always missed each other by some luck of the draw. So we use to always joke, how we would have gotten the best of the other if we had battled and so we would always snap on each other. PH always had jokes man. He was never unprepared to tell you about yourself… I have so many memories I could share from the times we came up but I am just bleeding, angry, confused and heartbroken for his family which I send all my condolences to. To say that he was a legend is an understatement. When he came to the studio for Revolutionary Vol.1 and Vol.2 he was not playing, his whole focus and energy changed. I admired that and I learned a lot from him and Jean Grae, just as I always have from every one of my friends. I know there are others who knew him for longer, but I can’t remember a time as an adult when we weren’t friends. I woke up today and I was in disbelief. I cannot answer any questions about his passing and as soon as there any information for a service I will pass it on. I miss you my old friend. Rest in Power Robert Diaz. Pumpkinhead. PH. Legends never die. You will always be alive in my heart and I will do my best along with all of us, to do right by the fam. I’m sorry we didn’t have more time to laugh together. I'm not sure if this is even coming out right...
My friend, you were one of the last Titans. I will post any information about arrangements at the families request, and if the family asks anything of me I am at their service to help fundraise for them. He was a loving partner to his wife, a great father of 2 with a daughter on the way right now. I love you my old friend.
Peace & Respect,
Tu hermano Felipe

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