Thursday, January 8, 2015

Top 4 of The Week: 662online's Top 4 News Story of the Week

Eminem thee Rap God and his Label were hit with a lawsuit from a Chicago Rap Group, who claim and have proven that someone in the production process of making the beat that became the song "Rap God" straight jacked them, D-Bo Style.. 

Music Business Gods Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine were hit with a lawsuit as well from Monster company, who claim, they created and developed the Beats headphone. The CEO wants his 5% cut of the sale to Apple, which would have netted him an easy cool $100 Million. 

Old School Rapper, Cool C was granted a stay of execution this week, preventing his death. 

Coachella announced their Line Up for this years shin-ding that includes performances by everyone from Drake to Atmosphere. Google Coachella 2015 for your actual detailed information and line up on this one. 

Cheers ! 

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