Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Emerson Windy Responds to Backlash from "Peace Pipe" Video regarding Native American Criticism

Last Week, California Rapper Emerson Windy released his "Peace Pipe" Music Video on World Star Hip Hop. The video which garnered over 10 Million Views in less than a week on WSHH, caught some major backlash from many different Native American Communities around the country to the point where a petition was formed on This video above is his response to all the criticism. Below is the video "Peace Pipe" which offended (unintentionally) many Native Americans. I stand behind Emerson in saying that he was def. not trying to offend any Native American's at all. But the one truth in it all is that whenever any one particular group of people thinks they are being attacked or even remotely close to being attacked they will attack back. 

So I guess now the list of Political Incorrectness in Hip Hop grows.. It is incorrect for Hip Hop to mock or portray anything allegedly against Jewish People (as Macklemore recently did), Homosexuals, and now Native Americans, but it is still okay to degrade women, glorify guns, sex, violence, gangs, and drug dealing, as well as brainwash young hip hop fans that material objects and money rules over everything. (C.R.E.A.M) dolla dolla bill yall ! 

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