Monday, March 24, 2014

Rapper Mac Lethal performs on ‘The Ellen Show’ (video)

Mac Lethal raps so fast that it is extraordinary. The entertainer was first found online and his talent landed him on a segment during The Ellen Show on Monday. Some put words together for music to make it flow with a beat, Mac Lethal does one better and puts his words on warp speed so that by the time he has run out of breath he has shared an enormous amount of information. According to the Kansas City Star, the local entertainer was excited about the journey to Los Angeles. Viewers of The Ellen show might remember when Ellen DeGeneres showed a clip from “Amazing Twister Rap.” In it Mac Lethal was spitting word so fast it was tough to keep up. He had just posted to YouTube and the response impressed the fans. The video has more than 2.5 million views so far and after his performance in Burbank, there is no doubt it will grow. The intensity of Mac Lethal’s performance was off the hook. Giving viewers a chance to hear his gift, the words seemed to flow off his tongue with ease and grace. It also reminded everyone just how talented the man was. Admitting that he raps for his kid to go to sleep, the gleam in the rapper’s eye when he talked about his child couldn't have been missed. Take a look at the video clip of the special rap that Mac Lethal shared with fans on The Ellen Show. Let’s hope this exposure leads him to other gigs too. It would be great to hear him on albums and on other shows as his talent should know no boundaries. ""

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