Monday, March 24, 2014


As Kobe told ESPN over the weekend, he recently founded “Kobe, Inc.” “I have always had ideas and always had a vision of where I wanted to go going back to 2000, but they are just ideas,” Bryant said. “Now, once the Achilles injury took place, I’m sitting at home for months not moving, a couple things set in. One is that there is only so many Modern Family episodes a person can watch. And then two, what do I do now?” Bryant said he then put pen to paper and began executing his vision, which included a mission statement. “We want to own and help grow brands and ideas that challenge and redefine the sports industry while inspiring,” Bryant said. “If it doesn’t have the limbs of the sports industry, which I understand extremely well, then I probably won’t touch it.” Going forward, Kobe said, instead of endorsing products he wants to take ownership and use his name and experience to help run the businesses and make them successful. His first endeavor? A sports drink called Body Armor. Kobe took to his millions of social media followers this weekend to help spread the word, writing, “I believe in innovation that will help athletes train and perform at their best. Finally we have a product that is THE UPGRADE athletes have been silently demanding for years! @drinkbodyarmor #entrepreneur #TasteRevolution #UpgradeYourSportsDrink”

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