Monday, February 3, 2014

Update: Phillip Seymour Hoffman had 50 Bags of Heroin in his Apartment.

(TMZ Posted this Pic - This photo is from an Atlanta  Bar 3 days before his death)

UPDATE 7:18 PM: Looks Like Phillip was hanging tough with "Boy".. Police found 50 Bags of Heroin in Hoffman's Residence. Not Sure what was going on with him, but man, he was either ready to go on a Heroin Binge or was Tipping. Also sounds like an ATM machine camera might of caught a deal between him and his dealer. As the Entertainment Industry and Fans mourn the loss of another celebrity who lost a battle to drugs,  hundreds of other American's have family members who were not famous, but also died from on Overdose on H. Either way shit is SAD.. 

Yesterday before the Super Bowl, Actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death from an apparent overdose made headlines worldwide. Today it appears that even though he recently attended rehab and was suppose to be on the band wagon, that he was in ATL 3 days before, drinking, smoking, and making multiple trips back and forth to the bathroom. There is only usually one thing people do when making multiple trips back and forth to a bathroom at a Bar, unless of course that person had a bladder infection... RIP PSH. 

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