Friday, February 7, 2014


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Inkster, MI, November—TCOHH    Twin brothers, Antoine and Santoine Jackson have launched a new website that comprehensively outlines the business of music and entertainment. The site, a virtual university, is a curriculum-centered portal through which students gain applicable knowledge on navigating effectively through the entertainment industry. 

“The College of Hip Hop.Org” teaches knowledge seekers the fundamentals of the entertainment business through a series of technology-based seminars, blogs and info sessions centered around a core program.  The program has been designed specifically for artists, entrepreneurs and industry professionals interested in gaining access to insider information. 

Fundamentals of the entertainment business are taught  for $19.99 for the entire year. Once enrolled, students will have 24-hour access to information pertaining to publishing, copyright protection, encoding, vocal training, choreography, etc. New, compelling lessons are uploaded each month that offer students an across-the-board analysis of each subject matter. 

By accessing  HYPERLINK "" future and potential students will open themselves up to a world of knowledge they can receive in an easy to follow format that will walk them through the music business, step-by-step. The college bills itself as a premier online learning institution that uses dynamic, thought provoking lessons to deliver valuable information to aspiring entertainers and industry entrepreneurs. 

Antoine and Santoine Jackson are identical twins whose lives were heavily influenced by music. The idea of opening an online university took shape while the two were students at the University of Phoenix’s Business and IT programs respectively.  The College has been accepting students since April 2013.

For more info and media contact call Santoine Jackson (313) 212-5800 or email  HYPERLINK ""

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