Friday, January 24, 2014

#BieberMania: Justin Bieber Goes on a National Crime Spree

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As everyone knows. The Beebs has been going HAM now for like a week or two.. First the Calabassas Egging and The Police Raid that followed. Then a few days later, he was Pissing his initials on the side of the road in Colorado. Then the next night he was down in Miami at Lil Scrappy's B-Day Party, making it rain with 75000 1 dollar bills.. and Then... the slow mo Fast and Furious type Drag Race at 50 mph vs Rapper Khalil in Miami, that ended up with his arrest for DUI and Resisting Arrest for being a bad ass for not taking his hands out of his pocket. Now we hear that in his police interrogation, he dropped a dime on his Moms for supplying him with prescription pills. But wait.. there is more.. the morning he was released from the Miami jail, he was sitting on top of an SUV waving to the slew of Fake Bieber Fans, Paparazzi, and others like he had just won the World Series. Im seeing a little Rehab talk all over the web and just like everyone else.. Im over here wondering whats next.. 

Article by C. Hare of @BorgataMOB

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