Thursday, June 6, 2013

NEED PR SERVICES ?: and other radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, online, etc.


"If you are looking for more exposure and publicity to get more shows and sell more music, my friend and PR consultant Robert Smith can help you. I first started working with him in 2004 and still use him today. He will be helping us push our latest project BLACK LUNG "No Regret$" LP

Robert is a CNN Badge 10+ winner. What that means is he can get your music or artist on with a chance of being on TV...guaranteed.

In addition, you will get other media placements. He is only charging $497 and you are guaranteed and other radio, tv, newspapers, magazines, online, etc.

His site is or just call him at 815-633-3375."

C. Hare of Borgata 
Owner of

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