Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DJ Sidereal "All I Need is Sunshine" (FREE DOWNLOAD)

17 year old producer DJ SIDEREAL, hits the interwaves with his latest track "All I Need Is Sunshine" via laid back rhymes of Finding Novyon and D. Glove. It is the first single off S.I.D.E which will feature One Be Lo, XP, and more. The track has a welcoming summer sample from Timber Timbre- Black Water, helping dedicate the song title to the ice cold winters Minnesota kids experience three seasons a year. 

producer: DJ SIDEREAL
artist: Finding Novyon & D. Glove
song: All I Need Is Sunshine
project: S.I.D.E 
social: @DJSideReal @OfficialDGlove @FindingNovyon

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