Friday, May 24, 2013

Amanda Bynes "BUSTED" for "Smoking Pot" & "Throwing a Bong out a 36 Story Window" (BUT THE WIG THING IS THE CRAZIEST)

(this blond wig gonna make for some funny news !)

(CNN) -- Adding to what's becoming a lengthy list of run-ins with the law, New York police arrested actress Amanda Bynes on Thursday night after she allegedly tossed drug paraphernalia out the window of her 36th floor Manhattan apartment.

Officers were called to her theater district abode after her building manager reported the 27-year-old star was smoking an "illegal substance" in the lobby, Christopher Pisano, a New York police spokesman, said.

Bynes had headed back to her apartment by the time police arrived, but she let officers in when they knocked on the door, according to Pisano.

Once inside, the officers noticed a bong and other marijuana paraphernalia sitting on the coffee table, which Bynes immediately started to throw out the window.

Police have charged her with tampering with physical evidence, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of marijuana, Pisano said. Bynes was charged with endangerment because the paraphernalia could have hit someone below, he said.

The tampering charge is a felony. The two others are misdemeanors.

Bynes, wearing a blonde wig, was seen walking into NYPD's Central Booking from the back of a police van on Thursday evening.

Bynes' representatives did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment.

Bynes has a DUI case pending in Southern California, while a pair of separate hit-and-run incidents against her were dismissed late last year. Earlier this month, she was sentenced to three years probation for driving on a suspended license.

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