Friday, December 14, 2012

Chicago Police Investigating Threats Against Rick Ross

by Roman Wolfe (@AllHipHopcom) 
(AllHipHop News) Chicago police are investigating threats against Hip-Hop star Rick Ross. reports that the Chicago Police Department opened an investigation into threats made against the rapper by the gangster disciples.

Although Rick Ross brushed off the threats in a recent interview, the Chicago Police Department appear to be taking the threats very serious.
Coleman, who was associated with the Gangster Disciples, was beefing with Chief Keef and members of his Glory Boyz collective when he was killed.
“If you think Rick Ross is running scared, think again,” Rick Ross said during a recent interview on WDER. “I canceled the rest of the tour due to the promoter, he wasn’t really handling his business.”
In a recent interview, Rick Ross appeared to be unfazed by the threats against him, which come from Gangster Disciples in places like Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Chicago, Colorado, Tennessee and Georgia.
The rapper also appeared to taunt his detractors in the interview, with his own threat of violence.
“Any dude can stand in a crowd with 30 or 40 dudes and everybody real, everybody trill, everybody’s about that life, everybody gangsta. But when the choppers [AK-47's] come out, everybody fold.
“Ricky Rozay is a boss. I’m certified worldwide, I could put a thousand gangstas in any hood. Rich is gangsta. loyal is gangsta, family is gangsta. If that’s not gangsta I don’t want to be a gangsta. I’m a boss, I’ll go anywhere so don’t get it twisted.”

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