Friday, November 23, 2012


So here is the story about this song, BLACK LUNG wrote this song back in Feb for the Whiteboy Wasted EP. This song was inspired by a tattooed blonde girl he knew from back home in Iowa, whom he watched spiral out of control and become a heroin addict. The song was released on the Whiteboy Wasted EP on March 15th 2012. 

In the song, the "girl" he references to eventually overdoses, telling a story that has been heard in Mainstream Media for decades, involving middle class young adults and teenagers dying tragically from heroin and painkiller related deaths.

Although, the song was inspired by this "girl", it was completely fictional, until September 25th 2012, when this "girl" actually died of a HOT SHOT of bad heroin after battling her addiction with multiple stints in rehab months prior to her death. 

BLACK LUNG first heard the news from a mutual friend that she had overdosed, upon hearing this information, BLACK LUNG checked on and it was confirmed that she had actually died from the overdose.. 

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