Saturday, September 15, 2012

@BorgataMOB #MoBSHIT in URB | URB Magazine

MobShit #MOBSH*T...All Borgata Everything

( C. Hare of Borgata (Executive Producer of the Fresco Clean & Black Lung ‘Whiteboy Wasted’ EP/LP, produced bySoleternity) unveils his latest endeavor, #MOBSHIT. Produced by Ft. Lauderdale Borgata Member MOON (of Nocternal Muzic), the album features all new material by all four of the Borgata MOB artists: Black LungFresco CleanA-West, and Hugh Hayes. The project, which is chock-full of tracks and skits showcasing the Borgata MOB culture and lifestyle in all its reckless abandon, takes no prisoners…well, maybe just a couple hostages. Comprised of a motley crew of hustlers, bikers, college grads, rappers and producers, the MOB prove just another reason why their Rockford, Illinois headquartered operation is a great place to visit (the FBI and Forbes Magazine have ranked Rockfork as the number nine most dangerous city in America). Luckily, their operation has expanded their humanitarian enterprise to South Florida, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Columbus, Ohio. Either way, peep game and ride or die internets..

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