Friday, February 3, 2012

'SOCIAL NETWORK' STAR I Learned My Lesson After Pot Brownie Arrest

"Social Network" star Armie Hammer -- the guy who played BOTH Winklevoss twins -- says he's learned one very important lesson about Texas ... a little weed can get you in a lot of trouble. 

As we previously reported, Hammer was arrested at a border patrol checkpoint back in November, when drug dogs found 3 pot cookies and a bud brownie in his possession. 

Hammer was at LAX yesterday ... where he told us what he's learned from the experience -- "Texas is one of those places where you dont want to mess around, period." 

Armie says he can't get into specifics about the case for 90 days ... and that's because in Texas they don't mess around with pot -- and jail is on the line, so Armie wants to stay mum and hopefully skate with community service. 

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