Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Man Home Invaded, Pistol Whipped & Tied up For Rare Coins

Two men have been arrested in the home invasion burglary of a Northwest Washington man who was pistol-whipped, tied up and robbed of cash and rare coins, police said.
D.C. police charged Dorsey Lynch, 42, of Burke, and Knycoe Minor, 28, of the District, with first-degree burglary while armed, a crime that carries a sentence of as much as 30 years in prison if convicted.
According to charging documents:

Lynch and a woman went to the home in the 1600 block of Irving Street NW in Mount Pleasant on Dec. 17 under the auspices of buying some marijuana. Lynch had purchased pot at the residence in the past.
Within a manner of minutes of their arrival on the 17th, though, Lynch pulled out a black handgun and demanded that the victim tell him where the money and drugs were located.
Lynch struck the man in the head with the handgun, and then let Minor into the home.
Minor, who carried a handgun and duct tape, bound the victim's hands and feet together.
The burglars ransacked the residence.
"Where is the money? ... Don't make me beat it out of you," Minor demanded.
Minor then put a pillowcase on the man's head so that he could not see.
The victim told the gunmen where his unlocked safe was located.
The suspects took the victim's marijuana, about $9,000 in cash, several rare coins and two coin minting dies and fled, according to the court documents.
Police determined that the woman was not involved in the robbery and did not know that it was going to take place.
She was able to identify the gunmen for police, the court documents said.
Police checked Lynch and Minor's cell phone records against cell tower sites to determine that both men had been in the area of Mount Pleasant around the time of the crime, police said.
Police arrested Lynch on Saturday and Minor on Tuesday.
Police said they recovered a .45-caliber Ruger semiautomatic pistol that they said was used in the home invasion.

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