Tuesday, February 7, 2012

KIM KARDASHIAN Divorce Turns Ugly

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
The Kim KardashianKris Humphries divorce has become a bitter fight, and we've learned Kris' lawyer intends to put reality TV on trial ... but that could blow up in his face.

Sources tell us ... Kris and his lawyer, Lee Hutton, want to "expose the M.O. of reality TV" by proving Kim had no intention of staying married to him, but just wanted big ratings for her reality show. 

Now here's the irony.  The duo wants to prove their point by asking the judge to allow TMZ and TV stations to broadcast the trial -- something that the judge might find a tad hypocritical ... not that we're complaining.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim filed for divorce on grounds of "irreconcilable differences."  Kris has countered that he wants the marriage annulled based on fraud.`

Kris has a couple of problems with the fraud claim.  First of all, he's the one who proposed.  Second, the publicity has made him famous and marketable and he'll make millions more than he would have otherwise.

And another big point in Kim's favor... We've learned the prenup is extremely long and complicated ... accounting for what would happen years into the future.  Why would she go through the time and trouble of having a long prenup if she planned on pulling the plug on the marriage within a few months?


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