Thursday, January 12, 2012

Super Clown ass Clown, Kris Humphries' Latest Kim Kardashian Slam Is Laughable

Kris Humphries
Mr. Douche Bag aka The Hump aka

Kris Humphries really needs a lesson in cutting his losses. His marriage -- whether real or sham -- is over as the world well knows. But while his boorish behavior on this season ofKourtney & Kim Take New York hasn't won him any fans and he's gotten a few boos on the basketball court, this whole ordeal hasn't really ruined him. In fact, he's come out of it all pretty well, making a name for himself and endorsement deals along the way. But instead of walking away and calling it a lesson learned with at least some of his integrity intact, he has to start slamming Kim Kardashian. And he's not doing it very well.
The latest charges his camp is making against Kim aren't based on infidelity or any other scandalous behavior, but rather on her lack of manners. It seems poor wholesome Kris just couldn't stand sitting by while Kim talked to her mother and sisters with such disrespect.
A source told RadarOnline:
Kris just couldn't believe that Kim would speak to her mom with such disrespect, often telling her she had no idea what she was doing, as pertaining to Kris' management of her career. On one recent episode  of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kim called Khloe an 'ugly little troll' because she was woken up by her sister, earlier one morning than she liked.

So, he never watched the show before he went on a date with her? Hello, that's what Kardashians do. The source continued:
Kris would NEVER even joke with his parents, nor his sister, Kaela that way. He just wasn't raised that way. Kris tried to approach the subject gingerly with Kim, saying there were other ways to communicate her frustration and anger, rather than using such ugly language, Kim responded by telling him that it was none of his business.
I'll give you a minute to clean up that water you just spit out when you read that. The Hump is one of the most disrespectful, rude guys ever. He pissed off Kim's family off left and right with his sarcastic ways and filterless mouth and showed little, if any, respect for any of them. Is he serious? A serious hypocrite maybe.
Hopefully he was talking about something a lot bigger than this ridiculous assertion when he issued thisvague tweet during Sunday night's show, which he denies watches (yeah right!): “I can’t wait for the truth to come out! People will be surprised or maybe they won’t. #FCC.” 
I get that it's probably hard for him to sit back and watch the Kardashian team try to spin the story in their favor. They're a powerful machine. His ridiculous little attempts to fight back are just helping them not him, though, and he should stop while he's ahead ... or, at least as ahead as one can be in this situation.
Do you think Kim's treatment of her family had anything to do with the breakup of  her marriage? Do you think Kris Humphries should stop trying to fight back?

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