Thursday, January 26, 2012

Smoove Gotti: Make the City Clap (Music Video) & Interview about Lebron James being SOFF

Smoove Gotti Talks about LeBron James

Smoove Gotti the buzzing rap artist from Cleveland, Ohio recently spoke
out on Lebron James in a TigerHoods exclusive interview.  Here is what he

TigerHoods: Do you feel Lebron left because he knew he couldn’t win unless
he rode the coat tails of another player?

Smoove Gotti: I definitely do believe that. It’s sad because he is a great
player but that’s why Kobe was always my favorite over Lebron. Kobe Is a
proven winner. He rebuilt without Shaq and took wins and losses. You got
to respect that. I use to root for Lebron vs. the Lakers but inside I knew
Lebron had to develop that killer instinct that Kobe had and after some
time I saw that it wasn’t happening. He probably saw it too. It was many
rumors around our city that Delonte West was hitting his mom and he was
upset that the Cavs coaches played Delonte in the playoffs. If you playing
like a girl they got to play somebody who wants to play. The Heat lose
last year because of Lebrons alleged Girl problems, leading into him
having to propose to his baby mom, who everybody knows played him when she
was here, plays him now, and that’s probably why he isn’t in Cleveland. I
tell all my artist all the time control your hoes. It isn’t easy but you
got to teach them to swim. I hate even talking of dude. He depicted an
image of a soft. Im telling the world that there isn’t a lot of soft dudes
from Cleveland or Akron.

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