Friday, January 13, 2012

M.O.P.’s Billy Danze Creates RUN Movement for Unsigned Artists

( M.O.P. member Billy Danze is putting his status as an established entertainer to good use by giving aspiring artists a chance to be heard through his “Raps United Nation” (RUN)  movement.

Citing his personal interaction with talented artists he’s met over the years stateside and overseas on tour, the Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York rapper believes his latest venture will be a useful tool for those in search of a vehicle that will garner exposure and elevate them to the next level.
“As an artist I understand the frustration.  There are so many artists out there that possess the talent of being able to produce and record good music. They are determined; they have the drive and dedication, but feel as if no one notices,” Danze expressed in a statement as relayed his commitment to turning dreams into reality. “I’ve seen and heard what’s out there from an artistic level.  These artists need to be heard and have a united voice. I am very passionate about giving them that opportunity and will do anything in my power to help those that really want to win.”
The creation of the RUN movement marks a new chapter for Danze, who continues his tenure as a Hip-Hop fixture with M.O.P.’s latest album, Sparta. The 10-track album, a collaborative effort with the production team Snowgoons, was released in November and features the rapper with his partner in rhyme, Lil’ Fame.
“As a fellow artist, these projects will enable me to be a vital cog in a family of worthy artists that simply need a platform and a voice and to oversee that lends the potential to be the biggest accomplishment of my career,” said Danze, who also said he feels RUN will fill a void that has remained too long in the music industry.
“From a business perspective, I believe “RUN” (Raps United Nation) is a vehicle the industry is desperately lacking. The way to find new talent is to go get it. Industry executives no longer believe in the artist, or artist development. How can the industry grow if we don’t allow new artists to showcase their talent?”
While M.O.P. provides an artistic outlet for Danze, the rap veteran is set on using RUN to create a stable of artists from around the world that will promote unity and raise awareness of them while placing them in the public eye.
“My aim is to get every talented artist a deal.  Support on a globalized scale is all an artist really needs or could ask for. I have contacted all my resources and they in return have done the same,” Danze said.  “A vital key to success in this business is alliance; and I personally have a team in every corner of the world. We can build a team of thousands and support each other.”
For more information about RUN, including how to become a part of the movement and details on its debut project, First Wave, visit To listen to songs from First Wave, click the links below:
D-Dub’s “Grown Man B.I.”:
Dutch’s “Battlefield”:

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