Saturday, December 17, 2011

Freddie Gibbs a BOSSS ! ! Freddie Gibbs Gets Caught Traveling On A Plane With Weed!

(  Some major “wows” and “how’d you do thats” are in order for Mr. Freddie Gibbs, who recently traveled with two bags of weed with him on a flight. BUT! A) Why are you traveling on an airplane with weed? Isn’t that what you pay people for? and B) The fact that you somehow got to keep the weed is applause-worthy!!
TSA, FAIL on your part! We definitely don’t want to see another rapper catch a charge or get locked up, BUT come on! Did you really not think this was going to come back and bite you in the *ss?
Now, we’re not leaving it at that. Freddie, as much praise as we’re giving you right now…REALLY?!! You got away with a pretty big crime, and then you tweet about it??? In the words of Ed Lover, and more coincidentally, as a TSA employee wrote on your notice, “C’MON SON!”
Let’s hope that this warning is all Freddie has to deal with, but TSA, you’ve got a lot of explaining and firing to do!

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