Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soldier commits suicide live on webcam

A YOUNG soldier committed suicide live on a webcam in France during an online chat with another user of a health forum, French newspaper Le Parisien reported.
The man, named only as Jean-Edouard A., 22, shot himself at his uncle's home in Marseille, southern France, during a live chat on the website, a health discussion site.
The other user, known online as "Ravioli," then alerted other users.
One tracked down the site's administrators in Canada, who managed to identify the IP address of the computer Jean-Edouard A. was operating. The website alerted Interpol and local police.
The image of the dead man was left on the site for several hours, according to the newspaper.
"Other internet users were able to see the images," one site regular said. "The image of his head lying on the desk after his death stayed up for several hours before the site administrators took it down."
Christophe Clement, a spokesman for the site, said Jean-Edouard A., who used the alias "Redjohn", was not a frequent user of the site and had created his profile only recently.
"Clearly the exchanges and links between people on our site prevent many more suicides than they cause. In this case, the time between the threat and the actual act was too short to allow us to do anything at all," Clement added.

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