Sunday, September 25, 2011

Exclusive: Henchman Hires Gerald Shargel, Statement Issued; Machine Gun Charges Unveiled

By Grandmaster Grouchy Greg Watkins

(AllHipHop News) Embattled Hip-Hop mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond has been indicted for allegedly possessing a machine gun and a silencer.

The New York Post reports that assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Kaminsky unveiled the new charges yesterday (September 23rd) in court.

The machine gun and silencer was found in one of Rosemond's properties during raids conducted by the DEA, during the investigation into his $10,000,000 a year cocaine ring.

To defend himself from the cocaine and machine gun charges, Rosemond has retained the services of high-powered attorney Gerald Shargel.

In addition to representing John Gotti and Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, Gerald Shargel successfully defended Irv and Chris "Gotti" Lorenzo against money laundering charges, when the brothers were acquitted in December of 2005. 

"This is my kind of case and it is my privilege to represent Jimmy," Gerald Shargel told, while remaining tightlipped about the defense strategy for obvious reasons.

Rosemond could be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison on the machine gun charges alone, while he is facing life in prison for allegedly running a continuous criminal enterprise.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that during a hearing yesterday, assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Kaminsky revealed more details into how Rosemond's drug operation managed to ship cocaine across the country, in shipping crates used to house musical equipment.

Members of the organization, including Rosemond's older brother Kesnar Rosemond, 50, would obtain the identities of people from loan applications that were submitted to an unnamed New York car dealership.

Accounts were then opened at FedEx and Rock–It Cargo, where millions of dollars in cocaine was sent to various recording studios in New York and Los Angeles, with the proceeds being sent to drop boxes on the West coast, in vacuum sealed bags with mustard, to throw off the scent of any dogs sniffing for currency.

Last week, Rock-It Cargo issued a statement denying any knowledge of the criminal enterprise's activities, while reassuring its customers that their shipments were secure. 

Rosemond's brother Kesnar has already pleaded guilty to the charges of distributing cocaine and he is also accused of making side deals with various suppliers, without the knowledge of his younger brother.

At its height, Rosemond's company CZAR Entertainment handled the careers of artists like Game, Akon, Brandy, Sean Kingston, Wyclef, Mario Winans and others. 

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