Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Man Plummets to Death at Galleria in Dallas

Adapted for Web by Tracy DeLatte & Kevin Boie | MYFOXDFW.COM
DALLAS - A man plummeted four stories to his death at the Galleria in north Dallas on Tuesday as horrified shoppers looked on.
The unidentified man in his 40s either jumped or fell from the top floor of the mall at 13350 Dallas Parkway at about 2:30 p.m. and landed on the indoor ice skating rink.
The rink was being used at the time but the man's body did not hit anyone, officials said.
Witnesses initially said it appeared he had jumped, but Dallas-Fire Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said the deceased was with family members at the time and might simply have fallen.
"Police are investigating those persons to determine if they can come up with some reason as to why this happened and how it happened," Evans said.
The witnesses pointed out that the man landed toward the middle of the rink and not near the edge.
Officials closed the rink following the incident but the rest of the mall remained opened.
Dallas police are investigating and they will be the ones that will determine if it was an accident or a suicide.


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