Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Justin Bieber Pulled Over for Underage Driving Without Selena Gomez (Video)


Cops in Florida pulled over Justin Bieber while he was there attending his girlfriend Selena Gomez's concert (no, the two did NOT break up). What was Biebs doing? He was driving while looking 12. Twelve years old, that is.

That's right. Florida cops pulled over Justin Bieber (who had Sean Kingston in the car with him) because they thought a 12-year-old was driving the Rolls-Royce. Originally, TMZ reported that he had requested more security, but that report turned out to be false.

As with most things these days, a bystander actually ended up catching police quizzing the "Baby" singer on video (what a shock). The steel gray Rolls-Royce convertible belongs to Sean Kingston, and Justin Bieber was actually driving while Kingston sat in the back seat, which was also a bit strange because it seemed like Biebs was being his chauffeur. Well, he'd look like the chauffeur if a chauffeur looked like a 12-year-old wearing a ball cap. The good news is, that Kingston appeared to have recovered from his accident earlier this year.
There is no doubt that the bystanders thoroughly enjoyed Justin Bieber's traffic stop. The police probably did not mind getting to chat with the star either, especially since he had done nothing wrong. Check out the video. What do you think? Does he appear to be driving while 12?

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