Wednesday, August 3, 2011

'Jersey Shore' Snooki Reveals Nickname's Meaning

It seems that Jersey Shore's Snooki wishes that she could change her unusual nickname. So just exactly how did Nicole Polizzi earn the name?

Way back when, young Nicole watched Save the Last DanceThe 2001 movie had a male 
character in it played by Vince Green named Snookie, and her friends started calling her Snooki after him. She could not shake the name change. Snooks was just in middle school at the time, so she obviously was not the person you see today on Jersey Shore.
Of her one-word moniker, Snooki said, "Now I wish I could change it. I miss my name 'Nicole' so much." The question is, would she actually be as popular if her name wasn't so unusual? Do you think you would like her more or less if her name was Nicole?
Regardless, it seems that the name is going to be here for a while, and you can check out what Snooks and the gang did while Jersey Shore filmed in Italy for season 4, starting on Thursday night on MTV.
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