Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Casey Anthony Spends The Weekend In Ohio

Exactly where Casey Anthony will go from here is anybody's guess. Probably she doesn't even know at this point. But the mystery of where she was has definitely been solved. The recently acquitted child murder suspect spent the weekend in Ohio.

Yes, new photos--which you can view by clicking here--of Casey Anthony (a.k.a, The Most Hated Woman in America) have just appeared online, hanging out and shopping over the weekend in the Buckeye State. Anthony was obviously trying, unsuccessfully, to remain incognito. Clad in "an Ohio State University baseball cap, a tight-fitting top and glasses," she strolled around town and shopped for new dresses at the local Old Navy. Whether she spent time with any of her Ohio relatives remains unknown. but according to TMZ, the famous defendant has spent the last 3 weeks since her infamous acquittal "bouncing around the country."

So far, there is no news about where or when Casey Anthony will begin the mental health treatment she has claimed she wants.

Stay tuned. 
by Hope Carson

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