Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oprah Winfrey--Lawsuit Filed Against Her for Slogan

Oprah Winfrey is being sued by a businesswoman from New Jersey, who claims Oprah stole the infamous slogan "Own Your Power" from her. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in New a Jersey federal court.
According to a report from TMZ, Simone Kelly-Brown is the CEO of Own Your Power Communications, Inc. She says that since her company has been in existence since 1996, that she owns the slogan.
In the trademark infringement suit, Kelly-Brown claims that the slogan was first used in the October 2010 issue of O Magazine. A headline reading "Own Your Power" graced the magazine's cover. The magazine also directed readers to visit a portion of O's web site bearing the same moniker.
Kelly-Brown also claims that a self-help seminar she held nearly "collided" with one Oprah was holding in the same city, because Oprah Winfrey once again used the "Own Your Power" slogan.
Nothing has been said about how much money Simone Kelly-Brown is asking from Oprah Winfrey in the lawsuit. It will be interesting to hear what Oprah has to say about the suit. So far, only Harpo has released a statement, and it claims no knowledge of the suit.
"Harpo has not been served and we have no information about what allegations are being made."
Do you think Oprah Winfrey will have to pay up as a result of this lawsuit? Did she "steal" the slogan as Simone Kelly-Brown believes? Or is it all an honest mistake?

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