Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obama Wants Me Dead, Says Kenyan Drug Lord

A prominent Kenyan multi-millionaire businessman and politician, John Harun Mwau, who has been labeled a ‘Narcotic Kingpin’ by the American government has claimed that U.S President Barack Obama is seeking to eliminate him on account of his vast business holdings in the United States, valued at about $750 million.

“The US government knows that I have interests in a chain of businesses, especially in supermarkets. They know that we have been expanding and growing. They want to stop this and have their own people take them over.”
Mwau declared that his battle with the American government had nothing to do with drug trafficking, but rather was about his extensive and varied business interests in the United States. He expressed fears for his life and called on the Kenyan government to protect him against being “captured, shot and buried in the deep sea by U.S. snipers” in the same way former Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was eliminated last month.
A couple of weeks ago, U.S. President Obama called for economic sanctions against seven suspected narcotic kingpins under the U.S Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  Of 1999 which, among other things, freezes the U.S.-based assets of international drug traffickers and denies designated drug lords access to the U.S. financial system.

Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman. Click here for a full list of The World's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives.
John Harun Mwau and Kenyan businesswoman, Naima Mohammed Nyakiniywa were among the seven. Five other individuals from Mexico, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan were also included on the list.
But Mwau, who continually maintains his innocence, said that the decision to label him a drug lord was part of an elaborate scheme by the American government to eliminate him and take control over his American assets.
According to John Mwangi, a 23 year-old independent social commentator based in Nairobi, Mwau’s claims are spurious and ridiculous.
“How can Mwau claim that the U.S government wants him dead because they want to take over his business interests? Doesn’t it sound retarded? Why would the U.S government target him just for his assets? How much is he worth? 50 billion shillings (US$750 million) at the most. Is that the kind of chicken feed the U.S government will go after? His claims are baseless and preposterous. I don’t think Mwau is telling the truth” he said.
Mwau, a former police officer, is reputed to be one of Kenya’s richest men and is to reputed be the leading shareholder in East Africa’s largest supermarket retail chain, Nakumatt.  Mwau was the first director of the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission, and a presidential candidate in 1992.
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