Saturday, May 7, 2011

662ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Fresco Clean Smashes Cadalack Ron at the Battle of Columbia (Just in at 1:08am)

Fresco Clean of the Borgata Mob Takes down Cadalack Ron at the Battle of Columbia in Columbia Missouri presented by NO COAST BATTLES..

Ryebread and Black Lung of the Covert Empire/Borgata Mob also rolled with Fresco as all 3 took to the stage for their 10th or so time performing in Columbia since last Feb..

Fresco's Next battle is in Toronto with Real Deal in the 2vs2 King of the Dot Grand Prix Battle.

Fresco, Ryebread, and Black Lung will be performing in Rockford tomorrow night at the Kryptonite Bar along with Dana Coppa, Pairadice, Soleternity, Mic Check, Ayvee and others. 

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