Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flip of 662online Interviews Black Lung about the Live Fast Die Young Tour Fight in Albany NY

Flip the Photographer of Sat Down with Black Lung Briefly To talk about what happened in Albany New York 

FLIP: So Blake, I see You Came Home Early from the East Coast Leg of the Live Fast Die Young Tour, What Happened in Albany...


FLIP: You Lived Fast Huh. LOL.. Is that all you can tell me at this point.. I know your Tired, and Just drove to Rockford Straight from Albany with Pat Maine and Ryebread..

BLAKE: Me and Pig got into, I dotted him in the face.. DJ Street Jesus Ran up on me from behind and Punched me in the back of the head a couple of times.. I remember Ryebread choking out Pig and its really kind of blurrly for me I was #whiteboywasted and ended up passing out in Pat Maine's Van. I think someone slipped a Xanny Bar in my Sippy Cup....

FLIP: LOL, whats this about @StreetJesus going H.A.M on twitter talking all tough, I happened to see all his Tweets, It would appear that he is claiming he is the "BADDEST ASS" of them all, saying he didnt get punched, taking credit for "stealing" Ryebread's Money, but not squaring up at any point to fight ONE ON ONE? Any Particular reason why he is going go BIG on Twitter talking shit, even at one point saying that "These Guys who Talk Shit on Facebok".. Isnt it kind of cliche to say "These Guys who talk Shit on Facebook" aint shit while talking shit on "twitter" to people who have clue at all whats really Going On.. 

BLAKE: FUCK HIM, He is a LAMO, He is pretty tough though especially when he is standing there with 3 dudes including one that is 6 Ft 4 and about 300 lbs who had nothing to do with anything about that fight at

FLIP: Tell me about the Fake truce and the ambush.

BLAKE: Well I wasnt even awake when that happened but Ryebread thought that Pigpen and Street Jesus were gonna call it over with. They were with these two big dudes who lived in the house we were staying at with them. When they reached out to shake hands to call Truce, they One dude who was like 6'4 300lbs "Sucker Punched" Rye and thats all I know.

FLIP: So its Safe to say that your guys' Business Relationship is Over then?

BLAKE: Absolutely Over with, just like Pig and Street Jesus's Career..They are pretty much nobody's on their way out of the game, and Im on my way in. Sometimes EGO and Jealousy causes huge "ClusterFucks" and confusion for those who are on there way out..I dont know, I am not that old yet...

FLIP: Where are Pigpen and DJ Street Jesus Now?

BLAKE: I dont know we left them in Albany NY....

FLIP: Thats pretty funny, Any other thing you would like to say,, I know we got to wrap this up ?

BLAKE: Yea, "Live Fast Die Young" and Cop my album "Tha Me$$ I Made" for Free on The Tour Will pick back up Late May Early June and Run until August..Call your Local College Radio Station and request Black Lung Please.....Also Cop Ryebread's "The Freshly Baked" Mixtape...super dope and also available on

Also Shout out to Pat and Kim the Intern for bringing me and Ryebread back to Rockford...

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