Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gilbert Arenas Served Child Support Papers At Halftime after Hitting 75ft Buzzer Bank Shot - Video of Shot

Laura Mendoza Govan, Arenas' Baby Mama Seeking More Money

Gilbert Arenas made his return to Washington on Friday night—the site of his controversial locker room gun-toting incident—and probably expected to hear a few boos from the crowd.  Back in November, Arenas feared getting booed by the crowd at Washington that he feigned an injury so he could avoid them.
This time around, he was mostly cheered in D.C. upon his return as a member of the Orlando Magic.  Then something unexpected happend, according to a report by the Associated Press Arenas was served child support papers as he was heading towards the team locker room. 
Take that Gil, angry exes are brutal.
Apparently even more brutal than former fans, who the Washington Post reports gave him a warm welcome at the Verizon Center.
"This is who she is as a person," Arenas told the the Orlando Sentinel at halftime. "I have to deal with it. It's bad it has to be carried out in the public eye."
Arenas contests Govan's statement that she had been financially cut off.  In fact Gil says that Govan continues to receive $20,000 a month—an amount that he voluntarily gives her.
Govan is reportedly seeking sole custody of their three children and over $100,000 a month in child support for all three and one unborn child.
That's some major money being requested from Arenas over $1.2 million per year.
Although he's slated to earn nearly $18 million this season, this latest Arenas newsflash is another reflection of his poor judgment. 
Four kids with a woman crazy enough to serve you at halftime. It's another one of those "What Was He Thinking?" moments.
For the sake of the Magic's locker room sanity. Hopefully, all of the drama is over for Arenas and nothing like this ever happens in Orlando.

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