Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Written by Cyrus Langhorne
Hip-Hop pioneer DJ Afrika Bambaataa has theorized that the rap game has been taken over by an otherworldly force he calls the "Luciferian Conspiracy". 
According to Bam, the finger should be pointed at urban radio stations for the current state of hip-hop. 
"Hip-Hop has been hijacked by a Luciferian conspiracy," he says, quite matter-of-factly. "People have used hip-hop in a lot of ways that cause a lot of mind problems. They use the word wrongfully. They use it to mean a part instead of a whole. Like many of these [radio] stations say they're hip-hop, they're playing hip-hop. I go to these stations, and these so-called program directors don't know jack crap about hip-hop culture. They know rap to a certain extent. But I question them. I say, 'Where's your go-go, your hip-house, your electro-funk, your raga, your R&B and soul?' They get real quiet." (Chicago Sun-Times)
The hip-hop pioneer's secret society modus operandi suspicionsdate back hundreds of years.
According to some theories, the infamous secret society, the Illuminati, adopts this uciferian conspiracy. Founder Adam Weishaupt is said to have adopted it the Luciferian ideology after defecting from Christianity in the 1770s, and wrote out a master plan that was designed to give the Synagogue of Satan, so named by Jesus Christ, ultimate world domination so they could impose the ideology on what would remain of the human race after the final social cataclysm by use of satanic despotism. (Baller Status)
Last year, MC Hammer labeled Jay-Z as a devil worshipper in multiple interviews, via Twitter and in his "Better Run Run" musicvideo.
"Let's deal with it from his perspective. I have heard it a lot of people say; 'Why would Hammer get mad about the truth right - Jay didn't diss him, he said something that is true?' The same argument applies, why would you get mad if you're a fan of his? Did he not say - 'life begins when the church ends' [in 'Empire State of Mind']? Did he not say - 'Jesus can't save you?' Why you getting mad, have I said something that is not true? Did I put the video with bullets around the cross round Jesus in his ['On to the Next One'] video? Have I said something that is not true? I haven't said something that is not true. Where have I made up something. Any of the videos that you wanna put up, where I have said that he got satanic references to, I ain't saying nothing that isn't true either. So that logic applies across the board." (All Hip Hop)
Following the rumors, rap veteran Uncle Luke came to Jay's defense and addressed the Satanic accusations.
"I don't know any devil worshippers. And who knows, maybe Jay-Z and other rappers have some devil worshipers as fans. But that doesn't mean entertainers are sacrificing virgins for Beelzebub. I didn't even know who the Illuminati were until the Internet started buzzing that Jay-Z was one of them. It's ridiculous. Jay-Z is a cool cat. He ain't Hollywood. He is a regular guy. He is so f*cking grounded. It is a shame people want to link him to this conspiracy." (The Miami New Times)

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