"Last Call"

More money, more problems in a world full of opportunities, why not have it all? Blake Banks delivers a brand new music video for his latest single “Last Call” with a hot little chant as an homage to the struggles you face as an independent artist. When asked what this song meant to him Blake said, “Give me all the creative liberties to be myself or give me death. I am willing to starve or die for my music because making music is who I am, it’s what I do… till my casket falls.” The song explains how the right path isn’t always easy, but it is yours. Falling in love with your journey feels so crazy when you realize you can have it all. In life the only destination promised is death, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Blake brings back director @IKilledKiki, cinematographer Mathew Browne, and editor Liam Walsh to piece together this cinematic montage of Risky Business. This is the same trio he enlisted to help create his videos for “Dance On My Grave” and ”100 Degrees”. All three songs are featured on his new album Risky Business out now on all platforms.

Blake Banks

"Lose Control"

Blake Banks releases intimate new music video for his latest single “Lose Control”. Dripped in head to toe designer YSL, Celine, and custom boots from American boot makers Lucchese Banks delivers a private one on one concert that you can hold in the palm of your hand or watch in the privacy of your own home. Banks whispers to you into his mic "Baby move your body… we can lose control… you know times are changin’…”, reminding you that you must lose control before you take control of any situation. Come hell or high water things will change all around you, with or with out you. The only thing you can really manage is how you react to the things out of your power… and how many times you can stream this song in one day. Add this instant hit classic to your playlist now and stay tuned to stream more music rumored to be featured on the upcoming Blake Banks album “Risky Business”.

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