Thursday, March 23, 2023

Afroman Sued by Sheriff's Office For Them Raiding His House, lol!


The Adam's County Police Department are suing Afroman for invasion of privacy and misappropriation of their likenesses, and are claiming the music video "Will You Help Me Repair My Door" has caused them emotional distress, ridicule, humiliation, loss of reputation and embarrassment. Afroman has since responded to the lawsuit by telling TMZ the cops have no grounds to sue, especially since they took a stack of money from his property and at first, didn’t return $400 of the seized cash. 

“My house is my property, my video camera films, everything on my property as they begin, stealing my money, disconnecting plus destroying my video camera system, they became my property,” Afroman said. “Criminals caught in the act, of vandalizing and stealing money. My video footage is my property. I used it to identify the criminals who broke into my house, and stole my money. I used it to identify criminals, who broke into my house, stole my money and disconnected my home security system.”

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