Wednesday, February 1, 2012

662ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: @BlakeLung of @BorgataMOB - Receives Hate Mail from Quad City Boyfriend of Summer 2011 "Fling"

Okay so today, I get an email from a douche bag complaining to me about Blake piping his bitch last summer. Here are some of the funniest quotes from the email.... At the bottom of the email, this D.B attached this pic (making fun of Blake) I guess Blake is the guy in the


"Hey blake,
you fucked my girlfriend about ten months ago or so, one time right after we started dating. Needless to say, I was pretty upset about it, took me a couple months to forgive her and move past it with her, but i was still left with this fucking hatred for you, this revolting disgust for the person that you were. I wanted to make you suffer like you had carelessly and enthusiastically made me suffer."

"your life is expressed one hundred percent through your "art" and all I see is a depressed little boy who is still coping with getting his heartbroken and being a fuckup. thats why you are the piece of shit that you are, thats why you feel the need to load up on xanex and beer and weed and fuck yourself up constantly, thats why you fuck girls without ever trying to get close to them or truly be who you are, you are running from how shitty of a person you turned out to be, and you are so afraid of facing that reality."

"all you will ever be is a regret and a disappointment... to all those girls you date rape, to your parents, to society, and most importantly to yourself sure you fucked my girlfriend one time and fucked up my life for a little bit"

"so good luck with your white boy wasted, i do drugs, i look and act like jrock from trailer park boys, embrace how much of a fuckup i am, rap career, because my bet is you get shit out the other end in five years tops even more alone, more depressed, and more pathetic then you are right now. NAWM SAYN?!"