Friday, February 16, 2018

Fresh Off His Major Performance with Dizzy Wright, Chicago Emcee Vonte Drops New Video For the City “Living In Hell” ft. Richie Wes & Prepping for Mixtape “NIGGA”

Vonte drops new visual “Living In Hell” giving a dark yet hopeful perspective of Chicago. After receiving major press from his recent music, Vonte displays he love for his city giving a fresh view of not only the violence but through the eyes of growing up in this harsh environment. The dark and cinematic lighting along with the scenic background forces fans to focus on Vonte and Richie Wes meaningful bars while feeling hopeful. Living in Hell personifies the other side of Vonte’s perception, yet he continues to deliver a message to not only educate but to inspire.

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Producer LORD Haiti & Scott Damn Collab on Bass Heavy New Banger “ROOTS”

Lord Haiti kicks off the year with a bass-heavy new single “Roots” with hip-hop newcomer Scott Damn, the dynamic duo brings a fresh sound to the industry. From Scott Damn’s clever metaphors and the switch up to the tempo, Roots is a certified banger that displays the true talent of Lord Haiti. From the reggae-influenced track combined with a series of hard-hitting lyrics, Roots contributes to the era of a new wave and a new sound.

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Chicago Emcee VONTE Sets the Scene with HOT New Video “Freek’n U”

Setting the standard as the new ladies man of rap, Vonte appeases his female fans with yet another cuffing season “Anthem” “Freek’n U”. The short story paints a vivid picture of his intentions with his love interest creating a romantic, racy visual to rock too. While most artists are displaying the flash and glamour of the music culture, Vonte approaches the game bringing the opposite sex into his world. From the initial opening of picking his girl up to the detail of their intimacy, the visual gives the idea of a great night ranging from the romance to a perfect skyline view meant for a perfect vibe.

Check out the video from Vonte "Freek'n U", here.

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Friday, February 9, 2018


An ode to life after jumping off the porch, B Bandz takes a metaphorical dive into this mixtape. Teaming up with Zoey Dollaz and Bay Swag takes his sound to the next level. With hard adlibs and a solid tracklist, B Bandz let’s you step into his life of money, women, the love of Chicago and the fierce focus that he has to succeed beyond the gridiron jungle he lives in.

Fan Favorite “Porsche” along with major Bangers “Do That” ft. Bay Swag, Bankroll, and Bag elevate the energy of the project from the young boss lyrics about riding foreign, traveling the globe to high fashion. Lifestyle personifies a preview of what’s to come for Bandz in 2018, continues to prove he’s not your ordinary swag rapper.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fuego Haze Drops New Street Video “Trap Talk” Shot by Azae Production

The trappin life is always claimed but without a true resume, you can never be certified. This thought comes to life in Fuego Hazes’ new single and visual “Trap Talk”. His lyrics describe coming up in the game, making flips and eventually turning that lifestyle into the way he runs his business now. The lyricism takes this visual to another level and puts you in the mindset of life after the first trap visit. Shot by @AZaeProduction. 

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Chicago native G Dot Markee pays tribute to fallen sister with the release of his mixtape “In the Name of Gabby”. While riding the obstacle of rap life vs. trap life, Markee was faced with some of his ultimate challenges. He chose to put those growing pains coupled with the loss of his sister in his music. This mixtape parallels the life of a hustler with the real-life consequences and experiences of someone just trying to improve their situation. Songs like “Sponsored by Priscilla”, “My G” and “Deposit” depict the spirit and vibe of the entire project. Hard hitting beats, R&B ad libs and some heavy use of autotune are the heart and soul on each and every track; mixing G Dot Markee happy come up with the internal emotions of losing a loved one.

Check out the new mixtape from G Dot Markee “In the Name of Gabby” below.

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