Monday, February 18, 2019

New Blake Banks "Born 2 Ball" Video Directed by @OgunPleasFilms

LA Rapper Blake Banks drops his visual for "Born 2 Ball", which was filmed on a 8mm Camera by Ogun/KabronKartel. The Flashy "Trap Star" toned down his persona for this old western marlboro man theme equipped with a cowboy hat and a real horse. Banks has worked with Post Malone, Famous Dex, LOUIEKNOWS, and others. You can follow @BlakeBanks on IG. Stream Blake Banks' Music on Spotify & Apple Music ! 

Blueface "Thotiana" Remix Ft Cardi B Video (Directed by @_ColeBennett_)

Blueface links up with Cardi B for the "Thotiana" Remix Music Video Directed by Cole Bennett.

Sony ATV/ Water Muzik Artist YOUNG VETTA Launches "All Booties Matter" Campaign with Exclusive Video "Phatty"

From the beginning to the end, PHATTY video displays that #AllBootiesMatter according to Young Vetta. The high energy video starts from the bar to the club to the loft, Vetta is surrounded by all shapes and sizes admiring his view. From his performance shots to his animated facial expressions, Vetta comes out blazing showing his Chicago swag by foot working and dropping Chicago lingo throughout the single. From the streets to the stage, Vetta is screaming all booties matter and PHATTY is the perfect visual for his debut into the industry. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Modern Combat Blackout | Nintendo Switch Review By @TheRealAwest

This game is better than I expected! Once you get your settings right & get use to the controls over a period of time, the game really opens up. You fall right in place like playing every other modern First Person Shooter game. The game gives me Red Steel 1 graphics, The Conduit type of level design & Call Of Duty type of gameplay vibes all in one. I really like that. I don't need crazy good graphics , if the game is fun. The game delivers in the fun department

I absolutely love the campaign!! This is where it's mobile roots really shine! All the missions are short & sweet , right into the action. I usually avoid single player & go straight online but this game's story & locations are really cool. The game has a 2-in-1 progression system, that allows for campaign progress to carry over into leveling up & unlocking guns/items for multiplayer. So I love replaying certain parts of the campaign with new guns I've unlocked to see how many multi kills & head shots I can get. It's a grind to leveling up but its worth it & addicting. Unlock the best guns in campaign first before going online. 

The game isn't great but it's far from trash. We don't have any other Military or Modern FPS games on switch to compare it to. It's simply in a class of its own right now. Some of us , like myself don't play shooters on PC/Xbox/PS4. So this is my go to shooter game til Call Of Duty or a better modern shooter comes to switch. 

The game does need a update or at least a patch to address a few issues like no aim assist in multiplayer , no gyro aiming with hip fire & my biggest issue is no adjustable "Field Of View" for a handheld players like myself. I need to see my targets larger from a far on that little screen. I don't play on TV. 

Even if none of these issues get fixed, I'm going to still play this game. Other than that, the game is great. I recommend every switch owner buy it! or at least check it out when it goes on sale. I'm a big fan of mobile FPS games & hope more come to switch in due time because I'm having a blast with this game. See Ya online! Modern Combat Is Available Now on Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99

I give this game 4 out of 5 stars! 

Review By @TheRealAwest 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Booman Forever Drops BANGER "Bad Bleep"

Booman Forever has been creating a major cult following in Chicago and is making his way to the forefront with debut single "Bad Bleep." Playing off of  women calling themselves "Bad Bitch," Booman Forever flips the term and eliminates the slander. From the catchy double meaning of the hook to the storytelling of the song, Booman Forever paints a picture of his perception while making the song personal. His admiration of women is personified in this single and will catch buzz not only amongst his fans but will create new ones who want to be apart of the Booman Forever movement. 

Friday, January 4, 2019

BANGER ALERT: James Camron & Angel Davenport Go Crazy on Single "No Chaser" prod Rikkie 2991

Theres no doubt the production and bars on No Chaser make up all the elements of a banger. James Camron kicks off spitting hip hop over a hard hitting beat with subtle switches that turns up not only his lyrics but his energy. His cadence from high to lower seduces you into the song and transitions straight to Angel who holds nothing back with her bars, not a sugar coated song at all. No Chaser short lived turn up demonstrates Angel and James aren't holding any punches in killing the bars or any emcees in their collaboration. 

Spice Gang Producer Rikkie 2991 Drops New Banger "I'll Have What She's Having"

Rikkie kicks off the single rock star status with dropping subliminals out the gate, I'll Have What She's Having ahead of its time, waiting for the listener to catch up. Spitting metaphors over a dope electronic hip hop track, Rikkie stands in his own lane with his high and low voice cues, to his effortless flow over the beat. The short lived track displays Rikkie's futuristic style and proves he's creating music beyond his years, yet its obvious he is a student of the game. 

Kid Med Drops New Music For Cuffing Season "Shea Butter Princess"

Kid Med known for his cool and smooth style in music, is the new Zaddy of hip hop and displays his skills in new single "Shea Butter Princess." From the mellow voice to reaching her chakras, Kid Med is ready to pull up and get comfortable with his lady fans. Produced by Spice Gang's best kept secret Rikkie 2991, its just in time for cuffing season and Kid Med is taking the lead. Still coming through with lyrics and rhymes, Kid Med holds his own with relatable verses and a sexy hook.